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VOTE CLOSED | Win a Wedding with Crowne Plaza Stratford-upon-Avon!

 We'll be counting the votes shortly and the winner will be announced on the Breakfast show on Friday 25th October between 8AM and 9AM.






#1 - Kelly- Anne Archer and Jake Richardson

Well we first met at playgroup.... skip 10 years, at aged 14 we crossed paths again through explorer scouts. She was a right flirt, and definitely didn't know how to hide it!

Going on a camp to Ireland is where the spark began. Setting up for our first date at the pictures in Stratford, which we got the wrong time and walked into a dark room and couldn't find the door that had closed behind us. Fast forward again through the years of school, college and work helping each other through. Her having reconstructive surgery on her feet, me whizzing her in the wheel chairs. Training her up again to redefine her impossible, she got fed up of waiting and proposed after 9.5 years of being together.

She decided to do it after the longest obstacle race we had done together (she learnt to love these types of runs). She did this by getting a bespoke sign made to await us at the finish line after 20 miles with over 200 obstacles from the start to finish (which were just metres apart!) She said it resembled the long journey we'd been through helping each other to be the best we could be through the ups and downs that life had thrown our way.

Cute right?




#2 - Samantha Green and Matthew Smith

We have been together for 4 years. We met while at work and quickly fell in love. We had our son Harvey18 months ago, and decide to after Sam had a bad result following a smear test so decided why wait to have a baby?
All we need now is the next chapter in life and that’s to have our dream wedding. I’m sure you can appreciate it’s not the cheapest of things to pay for. We’ve looked around many venues and it always breaks my heart to see Sam’s face when we’re told the cost and knowing we can’t afford it. So please can we have your help and make our dreams come true.

-Matt Smith



#3 - Georgina Baylis and Adrian Bayley

We met 11 years ago at a wedding, we got engaged 5 years ago and have two children.
We’ve never found the right time to tie the knot as we both have busy lives, with our first child being born 9 weeks early and being diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy after a respiratory arrest which caused brain damage. He is now nearly 6 and is an amazing little boy; our family was then was made complete with our little girl who has just turned 3! She rules the roosts!

Adrian is a self-employed electrician and works away a lot, I’m trained and qualified as a Pediatric nurse.  I am now a stay at home mother until they both attend school and I can get back out to work. We love being a family unit and would love anything for myself to share the Bayley surname.




#4 - Belinda Farrelly and Joseph Smoothy

Hello, I’m Belinda. I fell pregnant with twins when I was 20, on my 3rd scan, at 26 weeks, I was told my son had a ‘Bright bowel’, this could be an indication of being Down syndrome. After not having the test to see whether he was or not as there is a high risk of miscarriage, I knew if there was something wrong with him I would learn to cope.

I gave birth and discovered that he wasn’t Down syndrome, however, his pediatrician stated that he may have learning difficulties, this has been the case as Leon is autistic. My son now goes to Welcombe Hills School in Stratford Upon Avon, which is a specialist school that care for children with disabilities and complex needs.

After the children’s birth I got very poorly. I lost my memory and forgot how to walk; the doctors put this down to MS. So just 3 weeks after the birth of my beautiful twins, I was in hospital where I had to stay for 4 months. In this time, my memory slowly started to return, but it was going to be a long process. I was released from hospital and advised to attend rehab 3 times a week for speech therapy and lessons on how to walk again.

As I started to get better again I wanted to go out to work, I became a Promotional Model. I would attend exhibitions regularly at the NEC and Ricoh Arena, this was where I met Joseph.

Joseph was working on a stand opposite my stand, by the 3rd day of the exhibition Joe asked me on a date. Joseph has come into mine and the twin’s lives after being the most understanding caring partner and father possible. He has taken on the twins like his own. Just when I didn’t think anything could get any better than it was, 2 years in, Joe asked me to marry him.




#5- Laura Murphy and Adam Cherrington

We met at work. Adam was my knight in shining armour after a few years of heartache. My daughter’s father was killed in a car accident on the Warwick Road in 2012, my daughter was just 4. Then, the Grandmother who raised me passed away a few months later, life was hard.

Ironically, I was a Wedding Coordinator and never thought I’d have my own happy ending. Adam rescued my heart and soul. He has stepped up in his new role as Stepfather and my children adore him. He always puts us first.

He proposed in March while in London together and I was over the moon and equally shocked! Since then I’ve been an absolute emotional wreck, even crying at Britain’s Got Talent. My life has changed dramatically. I’d love to win this and marry the man of my dreams.

Thank you for reading, Laura.



#6 - Luke Robinson and Emma Harris

This is my son, Luke and his lovely fiancée Emma, they are childhood sweethearts and have been together since high school.
They found out Emma was pregnant in November 2017 and lived with Emma’s mum and dad when their son, Leo, was born on 8th August 2018. Luke popped the question on 13th August 2018 on Emma’s birthday, obviously she said yes 😊 Unfortunately Emma became really poorly just hours later and was admitted to hospital with sepsis after some of the placenta had been left in her womb.
We nearly lost her and Luke was beside himself trying to look after newborn Leo and worrying about Emma. He did a fantastic job although at times he will admit he felt he couldn’t go on. It took several months for Emma to start feeling a little bit better and she lost those vital first few weeks of bonding with her baby due to being hospitalized. She has been left feeling very low and we would love to give her something to look forward to. They eventually saved enough money for their own little home but unfortunately cannot save any towards a wedding, I know it would mean the world to them if they were lucky enough to win this fantastic prize.

Paula (Luke’s Mum)



#7 - Carly Hands and Patrick Carr

So, we knew each other years ago when we were around 20; he fancied me but I barely knew he existed. Then, a few years on (2016), we matched on good old Tinder! Since then we have been together.

He's a massive geek and he bores me to death with his love for World War 2, and he gets my son involved so I have 2 of them at me. On New year's Eve last year we rented a cottage in the Brecon Beacons and took our dogs, the one morning he kept going on to my son that we were going on a dog walk with the metal detector (you can imagine my face). So off we go and next thing we're digging up a few bits of treasure (old things that pad had dug in the ground a few hours beforehand) and then I found my engagement ring! It was so cute, bloody hilarious too!




#8 - Samantha Staley and Scott Finlay

I met Scott nearly 13 years ago. We became the best friends and eventually started to develop feelings for each other. 8 months later we finally got together and we are still the best of friends. So on the 29th September we will have been together for 12 years.

We have two gorgeous children: a boy, James who is 9 and a girl Ashleigh who is 3.

We have been engaged for 10 years, but never got married because it's so expensive, so we left it. Recently we have had 3 grandparents that have passed away and 1 that's not very well. We have been thinking about getting married because we regret not doing it earlier because we really wanted our nans at our wedding.

I would love to marry Scott because he’s funny, caring, a great dad, my best friend, my rock....just my everything.



The Touch FM Win a Wedding package


   The Venue = Crowne Plaza Stratford Upon Avon


Hooray's British Gelato Kitchen will be providing the Hen Do!



Caking and Baking will be providing the delicious cake!



Boho Bride Boutique will be providing the dress and accessories!



Albie & Lonnie's will be providing the suit and groom-wear!



The Cotswold Jeweller will be providing the wedding rings!



Winchcombe Farm will be providing the 'Mini Moon' trip away!



IMPORTANT- Please click here to take the time to read the competition terms and conditions


 We'll be counting the votes shortly and the winner will be announced on the Breakfast show on Friday 25th October between 8AM and 9AM.





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