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You've bothered to come this far, let's reward you with a funny video that'll kill a few minutes... 

Join Geoff and Andy every Friday evening from 17:00 to 19:00 for the 'Feel Good Friday' Sports show covering Warwickshire, The Vale and The Cotswolds. They'll cover everything from the Premier League to your local bowls club. No matter the size of club or type of sport they want to hear from you... So whether you want to wind Geoff up into rant mode or question Andy on whether board games are a sport or not we want to hear from you. 

Comment anything from your local scores to a fundraising event you want mentioned.

Below is the most up to date TouchTable - A general knowledge quiz with the chance to win some amazing prizes! Think YOU can top the TouchTable? Comment below and we could be calling you... (You're not scared are you?)

The Touch Table


Contender Points        
Geoff Atkinson 12
Andy Butler 7
Ollie Gallant 5 1/2
Ellie Flaherty  4
Jade Atkins  2

Still plenty of time left - if you think you can beat Geoff's 12 correct answers, comment below


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