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Controversial plans for gas power station near Alcester

A campaign's been launched to stop plans for a gas power station just outside Alcester.

Company Enso Limited have put in an application with the district council for land off Croft Road in Haselor (at the junction with the A46).

It's described as "Development of a standby gas powered generation facility, incorporating access road, security fence, acoustic fence, gas generators and associated infrastructure (temporary 25 year permission)"

But people living nearby say they're worried about air pollution, noise, visual impact, construction traffic and making the nearby crossroads more dangerous.

They're urging as many locals as possible to take part in the consultation before the district council's deadline of 21st June.

You can see the plans here - https://apps.stratford.gov.uk/eplanning/ REF number 18/01242/FUL

The campaign group are also raising money to pay for a legal expert - https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/christian-matthews

Around 80 people have commented on the proposal so far.


“This proposed development has come as a real shock to the local community. To date, there has been absolutely no communication from anyone about the siting of an industrial-scale gas power station on a rural, greenfield site close to villages, two schools and in an area deemed a 'Special Landscape Area'.

In the short time we have had to look at plans, it’s clear that the application raises more questions than it answers.
The developer says that, in its assessment, there will be 'no significant impact to the surrounding area'. By what criteria has it judged there will be no impact to the landscape, environment and day-to-day lives of local people from a gas power station taking up an area larger than two football pitches, with 22 seven-metre high steel chimneys, four-metre high columns to support flood-lighting and surrounded by a four-metre high fence?

We understand the need to balance the UK’s requirement to build new power stations with concerns for people, the landscape and the environment. But this greenfield site close to rural villages and schools is a totally inappropriate location for a gas power station of this scale.

The local community only has until Thursday 21st June to raise objections but we have already put detailed questions to Stratford District Council. People can view these and th proposals at the link below and we urge everyone to look at the plans and to make sure their voices are heard. “

Enso Ltd have sent us this statement:

"Applications such as this are business-as-usual for us, and we are more than happy to answer any questions people may have regarding the proposed development.  I am aware that there have been some concerns raised regarding the plans, and I am confident that the studies and assessments we have provided to the Council to support the application will demonstrate that there will not be any significant adverse effects resulting from the operation of the proposed facility. Concerns appear to be focussed on air quality, noise and landscape and visual effects. On these:

Air quality – we have submitted an air quality assessment with the application. The conclusion of the assessment was that there would be no significant air quality effects from the operation of the proposed facility.

Noise – we have submitted a noise impact assessment with the application. The assessment concluded that the operation of the facility would have no impact at any of the receptors assessed.

Size of the development – the site is approximately 1.68 acres. The site would be fenced and screened, and the landscape assessment concluded that the landscape effects of the development would be negligible, and overall there would be an increase in tree cover and hedgerows at the site as a result of the development. The visual effects are limited as there are few viewpoints in to the site.

The need for the project is driven by the UK’s need to balance supply and demand of electricity, as a significant amount of generation has been decommissioned in recent years. National Grid has an obligation to ensure there is sufficient supply available for peak demand periods, and projects such as this are being developed to be on standby for such times. The facility would provide reinforcement of the local and regional electricity network, and the electricity generated would be distributed it accordingly as and when it is needed.

Ultimately, Stratford-on-Avon District Council will make the decision on whether the plans are acceptable or not, and we will work closely with them to ensure they have everything they need in order to make that decision."

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