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Become one of our Social Producers - Apply now!

We're seeking creative individuals with a passion for the radio industry to become a Social Producer!

The role will exist across all 6 Quidem radio stations. Please note- this is a part time role.


What is a Social Producer?

A Social Producer is on site at our stations events and outside broadcasts and is tasked with making the event sound as exciting as it possibly can be on social media! Using Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, create engaging content to showcase what our Presenters are doing at the event! 

You'll work closely with the presenters on the day and report to the Sponsorship and Promotions team.

Most events will take place on weekends, and you can pick and choose which events you wish to attend.


Why become a Social Producer?

Firstly, it's fun! Secondly, it's a really important role. You are the face of the station and responsible for building excitement of the event by being super creative and engaging with your social media posts! You'll have thousands of people at the tips of your fingers - literally!

Also, being a Social Producer is a great way into the radio industry, with lot's of our current and past presenters, programmers and producers beginning in this role.



To accompany presenters at our events and outside broadcasts. 
To reflect the event through pictures and short video clips for the station's Social Media pages.
To showcase the activities, the radio station, presenters and audiences. 
A knowledge of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp is required.
To set up any promotional branding and material.
The successful candidate will be fun and creative. 
Dress code casual but smart. 

Must be over the age of 16
Driving license is preferred but not essential


Want to get involved? Just contact us below!



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